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Off Menu Episode One - By Order of the Baroness


Welcome to our new mini series, Off Menu! Join our crew as they take a voyage to the mystical world of Ixalan on the orders of the Legion of Dusk. After a lively start, things go exactly as you’d expect for a party made up of a goblin, a vampire, a siren called Nee-Naw and a cleric in some leather trousers. It’s Dragon Wings, but not as you know it! This episode is sponsored by Dice Dungeon UK. Head over to their website at https://www.dicedungeon.co.uk to look at their amazing dice. Use the code DragonWings at the checkout for 10% off. Whilst your there, why not give us a hello over on our social media. We’re on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) and Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod) and absolutely love a chat! 

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