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S01E31 - The Ballad Of Kindly James

August 18th, 2020

After a desperate attempt to be sensible, the team head somewhere they really shouldn’t be this week. Via a meditation on chivalry, a mid combat buffet and a war crime of course. Because nothing is ever straightforward in the Dragon Wings Universe is it? We are proud to be teaming up with The Dice Dungeon, a UK based sellers of premium metal dice. Head over to https://www.thedicedungeon.co.uk to see everything they have to offer, and enter the code DragonWings at the checkout for a 10% discount. Follow us on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) and Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod)

S01E30 - Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

August 4th, 2020

In the midst of battle, the crew make their way to the research grill. Via a giant tree and a scary ladder. Obviously. After a couple of missteps, they start to hit their stride. Nothing gets sneaky, Osgerin gets singy, Jacob get knighty and Cassius pushes the furthest reaches of what is possible with a mage hand. But will it be enough? Find out in this week's episode of Dragon Wings. Pop by and say hello on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) and Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod), we love a chat! And dont forget we have teamed up with the lovely folx over at The Dice Dungeon UK. Visit https://www.thedicedungeon.co.uk to see their awesome metal and resin dice, and pop in the code DragonWings at the checkout for a 10% discount. 


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