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S01E013 - Hubris, Thy Name is Jacob

December 24th, 2019

The cursed forest holds even more horrors for the party this week. Despite being beaten down by the blight filled woods, Cassius is heroic in battle, Jacob battles manfully, Nothing fights with no thought for her personal safety and Osgerin is rude to an octopus. Enjoy what we’re doing? We're over on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod.) Come and say hi!

S01E012 - Into The Woods We Go

December 10th, 2019

This week, the increasingly desperate band indulge in some light diplomacy, a little amateur veterinary science and a fight with a tree in an attempt to capture the next ingredient in the Devil's Spice. Will they survive? Find out on this week's episode of Dragon Wings. Come say hi to us on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod.) We love a chat!



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