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S01E08 - The First Gold Piece

October 29th, 2019

Despite aiding them in their escape, Sylvia's presence makes the team uneasy. As the group grapple with their decision, Osgerin's listening skills escape him in spectacular fashion and Jacob finds himself in a moral dilemma... Want to see what were up to? Come and say hi on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod)

S01E07 - A New Friend?

October 15th, 2019

The team encounter a mysterious individual who promises to help them. This new friendship leads them to goblins, cocktails, an extremely dodgy French accent and some important information in their quest for the perfect spice mix. Like what you hear? Come say hi to us on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod)!


S01E06 - Fight! Fight! Fight!

October 8th, 2019

After the exploits of episode five, the team make a start on Venofer’s list. Jacob is forced to face up to his old life in his quest for the perfect spice, and the squad learn of a threat to their very existence… Come say hi to us on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod) We love a good chat!

S01E05 - The Stakeout

October 8th, 2019

This episode finds the team in stealth mode. Jacobs cool head comes in handy, and Osgerin’s bardic inspiration gives the team a novel head start. Will the group finally stop trying to pick up Faeruns largest chicken? Find out, on this episode of Dragon Wings! Come say hi to us on Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod) or Twitter (@dragonwingspod) You can even say hi on both, we're nice like that.

S01E04 - The Road to the West

October 8th, 2019

Things take a decidedly dark turn for the group, and they must make some difficult decisions about what to do next. Join us as DM Ian becomes increasingly exasperated at being forced to name every single minor character by the group, and Nothing makes some of the worst rolls in Dungeons and Dragons history. It's Dragon Wings motherpluckers!Come say hi to us on social media. Find us on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod) and give us a virtual wave!

S01E03 - The Blind Woman & the Sea

October 8th, 2019

Hand to hand combat! Bardic beat poetry! The healing power of music! Magical cocktails! Robbery! This episode has it all, if by all you mean more nonsense from your favourite group of fantasy spice collectors. Come say hi to us on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod.) We love a good chat!

S01E02 - A Stroke of Luck

October 8th, 2019

After Cassius flexes his magical muscles for the first time, the team understand the true value of their new companion 'Pluckers'. The discovery of a note from Venofer makes the band realise that their new business may be a little more complicated than they initially realised. Check us out on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) and Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod) to see what we're up to!


S01E01 - The Will

October 8th, 2019

A bard, a pickpocket, a pit fighter, and a warlock walk into a solicitor’s office. In our pilot episode of Dragon Wings, we get to know our seemingly unrelated crew for the first time. Despite a rocky start, an uneasy alliance is formed and the team make an unnaturally large new friend… Like what you hear? Then come say hi to us on social media! You can find us on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) and Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod)



Trailer - Dragon Wings: An Adventure For Wings Begins

October 7th, 2019

Meet four strangers, pulled together on a perilous quest to find the perfect... spice mix for their enchanted chicken wing business. Join our band of Dungeons & Dragons adventurers in their new, and delicious, quest. Fantasy has never been so finger licking good! Like what you hear? Episodes are released every other Tuesday. Want to know more? Check us out on Twitter (@dragonwingspod) or Instagram (@dragon_wings_pod) to hear what were up to!




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